WordPress Blogs: How To Stop Spam

One of the most talked about subjects among people new to the internet is how to get a site up and running quickly. The biggest challenge is finding out where to start. The easiest way is starting a WordPress blog because there are many steps that our completed for you.

Starting this month, I am going to stick with articlesbase and search warp and begin a trial of the next 3 on the list. I will keep my account on ezinearticles, and maybe post something if I think it has a REALLY good chance of not getting bounced (no links, no pictures, sesame street language, and nothing to do with my business. If they didn’t have such a stellar traffic rating I would ditch them entirely, and I still may.

Avoid arguments and flame wars. People get very passionate about some topics. However, don’t let a spirited debate turn into a knockdown, drag out fight. Not only will you probably get kicked off the site, you’ll damage your reputation in the process.

4a. Disqus Comment System: It’s a smart commenting system which replaces the default commenting system on till bloggen. The power of this tool is that it allows users to login with their social media accounts and then when they make a comment, it is shared with their contacts on those media which gives your post endorsement which can spread virally.

The way this WordPress blogs is done is to use a redirect for all of your backlinks. All of them! And yes, if you create a 301 redirect and then use that as the URL for say an article marketing campaign, you still get credited with your chosen anchor text.

However, more than 90% of them do not make more than $100 a month, and I was one of them before. The truth is, making money from blogs is not just about pasting advertisements and waiting for visitors to click. It is much more than that, and this article will explain the most profitable methods of earning money from blogs, and whether Atomic Blogging is effective.

Go to wordpress.org if you are interested in this free blogging software. I have discussed two of the most popular free blogging software that I have used, and given you my thoughts on them both. Blogging is a great way to get your message out to the internet community and it can be very rewarding.

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