Why Sales Training Often Fails

Marketing Insurance is and can be one of the most lucrative and fulfilling pursuits imaginable. When you get the opportunity to help someone, the reward you gain can far outweigh the monetary value.

Below are methods and mind-sets to put you in the right frame of mind and get you back on track when sales are down. If you have been fortunate and have been meeting or exceeding your sales goals, you may still wish to review these to be sure you stay on the right track. Remember the Number One rule for successful businesses and sales pros: Never get too comfortable where you are. Your competitors are vying for the business of your customers, and new competitors are emerging daily – many from non-traditional sources boasting new business models that challenge the Status Quo. The moment you think you’re ahead of your competition, they will have the advantage.

Another week passed, another review session. I walked in prepared to answer the 5 original questions, the 5 new questions, and how I was going to win every deal in my pipeline. Perhaps my swagger walking into her office betrayed me. I sat down, she said she wanted to review a specific opportunity, I knew I had all the answers. She asked me 5 questions–you guessed it, they were 5 newer questions. We didn’t even bother with the first 10. She knew I had the answers. She knew that I had tuned my strategies and better focused them. She wanted to go another layer deeper. She wanted me to tune the strategy even more, she wanted me to think more deeply about what I was doing and how I could win.

We all make mistakes. And except for the 1% of the universally gifted people that just seem to have everything going for them we usually make a lot of mistakes until we get it right. Well I’m here to tell you, you can avoid the mistakes if you know what they are. How do you find out? Simple, sales has been around for thousands of years and quite frankly it really hasn’t changed much. If you do a little research on the Internet or read a how to sell insurance like “The Sales Professional’s Success System: 75 Insider Secrets to Make Your Sales Career a Smashing Success” all the work is already done for you. You don’t even have to do any research. Salespeople continuously make the same mistakes over and over again. Now you don’t have to.

If they are wanting to buy but don’t go through with it, then your sales training needs to involve getting them to go ahead and buy. You can learn training methods to help you make the customer feel more at home and confident about buying. Being honest is very important; you need to build trust with your customers. It is also important to learn to pick up on the type of person you’re dealing with and what makes a person want to buy.

Start coaching them daily to their behavioral goals. Meet with them in person or have a telephone appointment each day, even if it’s just ten or fifteen minutes to review their actual behavior against goals. Use this time to review their behavioral goals for the next day as well. If they had a rough day, it’s your chance as “Coach” to “put then back together” so they go home with a clear head, wanting to perform tomorrow. Also, daily coaching sessions are your opportunity to ‘tell it like it is’. When someone isn’t performing to goal, let them know. Then make suggestions as to how to improve performance and let then know you’ll be there tomorrow, same time, same place to coach and help again.

Look at all the criteria for picking out a program for you and most likely one on one coaching will be your best option. One on one coaching affords you the opportunity to select the curriculum that is best for you, has the best of all the delivery options, and will allow you to practice in a safe environment.

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