What Guys Want For Valentine’s Day – What Every Woman Needs To Know

Valentine’s Day is considered one of my favorite occasions to share with my family and particular friends especially to share with my children. Its baking up those cakes, desserts and cookies and making lovely Valentine Day cards too. I have plenty of ideas to share with you. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for loved ones to celebrate their love for each other.

The thirteenth image on page eight of Zwani is of a pretty pink rose against a black background. The pink rose has a slight sparkle effect and appears to be reflected in water below it. The phrase “valentines day quotes for her, to my dear friend” appears on the graphic in white text, outlined in pink.

Okay ladies, so some men are not the sharpest tools in the shed. There are those times where you have to drive the heartfelt nail straight into their minds by word alone. Messages and sayings with the word teddy bear is not so bad but when is the last time you called your man a tiger? Not to be confused with Tiger Woods. Here are some sweet messages and sayings to sharpen his desire.

What else can you have delivered? How about a beer basket – depending on his employer of course. Nothing makes a man happier than receiving a gift basket full of beer in front of his buddies. It will make all his friend and enemies jealous, and he’ll like that.

I won’t get into a theological discussion of the celebration of Winter Solstice that has been changed by the Christians to Christmas. I won’t argue with you about how my beliefs are better than yours. I will share my joy in a season of giving and sharing joy and happiness. If you choose to amplify your joy in worship of God at this time of year please do so. I know of several churches that now have both Lilies and Poinsettias on the platform to conform to your type celebrations.

For the man giving the best dinner party ever for the love of his life dress in a tux if you have one. If you aren’t comfortable in a tux then try black slacks, black shirt and a classy black hat to impress your lady. Be clean with slicked down hair and one simple rose to offer for her love.

Now you can place your trinkets inside. Little gifts such as candy kisses, gift cards, packets of flower seeds if she gardens will fit perfect. You can even use construction paper to make little coupons good for things such as one free back rub, or a free Queen for a day pass.

Try these once or twice a week along with a longer, steady run. Of course do a proper warm up before exercising and always consult a physician before starting a new exercise program. Happy Valentines Day!

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