Wedding Gifts – Make It Memorable

I bet every one desires for an interesting wedding video. But how? Quoting from world top 25 videographer Jason Magbanua, “it takes a collaboration between the couple and the videographer. This is because the best videos are the ones in which you have a hand in creating.

The first idea I will give you is cash as wedding gift. Some people make think such a wedding gift is both impersonal and impolite. However, it is not always true. The couple themselves may also want to get cash as gift but it will be really impolite if they ask for that. In fact they have already spent all they have on hand in order to get a perfect wedding and cash is undoubtedly helpful in a way that they can have some extra for their lives after marriage. They may even have plans to get a baby. In this case they will need to reserve even more for the expenses after the birth of the baby. We have to admit that cash is something both flexible and useful. As a result it will not be a bad idea if you choose cash as your wedding gift for the couple.

So if you’re not sure what your pots and pans are made of, there really is a very simple test to see if it’s compatible. If you happen to have a magnet around such as a fridge magnet, place it on the bottom of your cookware and see if it clings. Also make note of how strongly it clings on to the top because the stronger the pull, the better for induction cooking.

For example, when you share a pumpkin pie recipe on your blog which requires freshly grated nutmeg, link thorough to the nutmeg grater product page on your site.

A gift for the bride that reminds her of her childhood days or girlhood days can be great fun and have personal feelings attached that no expensive gift can purchase or exchange. Gift a set of her favourite childhood dolls or soft toys or something that reminds her instantly of her childhood – maybe a replica of her first birthday dress or her childhood milk bottle and cereal bowl. These are of no expense but are great on sentimental values and feelings.

To keep the newlywed’s relationship to be alive and be filled with memories, you can give your sister a picnic basket. You can fill it up with wine, with different foods that your sister likes and other yummy items and not to forget, a table cloth so they can have something to sit on. A picnic basket will remind the newlyweds to always find time with each other and to value the relationship they have.

Already homes are valued on the reduced impact they make on the environment. A gift of an airer is already an eco friendly item. It will become a must have item in the wedding gift list. It will be a key talking point over dinner. Even a fixture on the back of a reindeer sleigh!

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