Train Travel And Tickets

Students are the future citizens, and hence they are always given much importance in various ways. Travel is one of the most important factors that benefit students all over the world. Every nation and every country offers the best travel deals if you are a student and the rail industry has gone a step higher to offer the best deals on student train tickets. Every student of the U.S. should have a valid student advantage card to be eligible to discount tickets of up to 15% off the normal rates.

Most of the tourist-oriented restaurants are very expensive. Ask the locals for smaller eateries where you can try traditional food and save your budget. Popular budget chain-restaurants include Mu- Mu, Grabli, Yolki-Palki. Many restaurants offer special ‘business lunch’ menu – usually it’s 12 to 16 on working days. Moscow has lots of nice fast-food cafes. Isn’t it better to try Russian food instead of going to McDonalds or KFC? You can get a delicious Russian pancake in “Teremok” or a stuffed potato in “Kroshka-Kartoshka”.

Well done for being willing to look at what’s going on in your life, I really admire you for that. Go get your calendar, diary or phone right now, and enter one fun thing you want to do, on the day you want to do it. And on earlier dates, enter anything you need to do to make it happen, like “get a babysitter”, or “cheap train tickets“.

The cheapest and fastest transport in Moscow is the metro. One ride costs about 80 cents. If you stay in Moscow several days you can get a card for 10, 20 or 60 trips: each ride will be cheaper the more trips you get on the card. Moscow metro has no zones so you pay the same price no matter where you go. The airports are connected to the city by railroad. The air express train costs about 5-10 USD depending on the airport. (This is much cheaper than a taxi which will be 70-100 USD).

Check your health out before you go on your trip. See your doctor and obtain any medication prescriptions that you may need before leaving on your trip.

If you need a taxi it’s best to arrange it in advance (through your hotel or a restaurant). You should always negotiate the price before you get in (even if a taxi has a meter – it might be a scam). Locals often use ‘unofficial taxis” – it can practically be any private car. All you have to do is to stand on the street and stick your arm out. Usually there’s nothing dangerous about it as people with cars do it to earn some extra money. An important rule is not to get into a car that already has a passenger.

Another key thing for the success of this strategy is that huge discount was offered to passengers who’ll book the tickets 1 month in advance. So this ensures that the flight is fully occupied and they get the same collection as in the other case. So neither the airlines are worried about the filled up seats at lower price, nor are the passengers complaining as they get to fly at cheaper price.

It might sound daft, but standard passenger class is not always cheaper than 1st class. Strangely enough, bumping yourself to 1st class when you get on the train can save you money. Many times cheap Standard tickets sell out swiftly, but the 1st class fares do not, and this can result in train operators selling 1st class tickets at discounted rates. In case you turn out to be the lucky one, you can get 1st class ticket for less than the price of a Standard class train ticket. Therefore, 1st class tickets can turn out to be cheap train tickets, so why not treat oneself.

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