‘Tis The Season For Holiday Scams

I have worked for UPS for over 7 years and have been on the same route for almost the last 5 years. My route is in New York City, in Manhattan, on the prestigious Upper East Side.

Your friends may want to greet your animals when they arrive at your home, but it is better to keep the dogs and cats in another room until the initial commotion of greetings and carrying in luggage subsides.

Some rescuers say that New Year’s Day they see the most lost animals. Several years in a row, this reporter got calls on Christmas Day from people who had found lapdogs. Those dogs were all visiting with their families and so were really lost in that they did not know the neighborhood. When visiting with your animal, you can always put tape on their collar with a local phone number -especially if you have no tag or the tag has your landline home phone on it.

Couriers provide an important service for any community. They help Deliver Package and other items to various businesses and companies around town. They perform a similar service to UPS and FedEx, but can do a better job on a local level, especially with last-minute jobs.

L Police Pursuit: No car racing game would be complete without a good old-fashioned police pursuit. Such a pursuit can be played out in the game police pursuit. No, you do not get to play the bad guy, you instead get to play the cop. Moreover, as cop you get to run the bad boys out of town at speeds that are neck breaking.

The Axe is used to lighten up areas that have too many trees crammed together, causing you not to be able to make your way through. Cutting a few trees down just makes it easier for you to move around the town in a quicker manner. You don’t want to go any further than that. Trees are a good thing, so keep as many in town as you possibly can.

If you hit rocks with your shovel, sometimes a rock will release bags of bells. Keep hitting it, and the bags of bells will get bigger. There will only be one money rock per day in your town.

Don’t let these necessary supplies stress you out. You really can start your own business with your vehicle-profit on wheels-for under $500. Before you know it, you’ll be on the road to great money.

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