Tips On Diy Home Carpet Cleaning

I love carpets. Even though most of the design world is going gaga over hardwood floors and laminate floors, I still think you can’t top a good carpet. It’s warm, fuzzy and provides the feet with something very pleasurable to walk on. One thing I don’t enjoy, though, is keeping a carpet clean. There are a ton of things that make carpets dirty… A vacuum cleaner does a decent job of cleaning up the dirt and dust but is it enough? I don’t think so! Every six months or so, you should be looking at using a carpet steam cleaner. Don’t worry… You don’t have to buy one! These things can be rented from a number of different sources including Safeway.

The tamping process draws the stain up into the tips of the fibers. After a good bit of tamping (and you can mix in some rubbing, again make sure it’s just a little bit). Then blot the carpet vigorously. If you have a small carpet extractor, that would be even better.

It is important to make sure you choose the right machine for your needs. Maybe your carpet is very soiled and you need a machine with the most power. Or maybe your carpet isn’t so bad. You can then choose a lighter grade unit. What attachments will you need for your particular needs? What cleaning solutions should you include in your purchase?

Ask the carpet cleaner how long they have been in business. As noted above, there are people that pose as professional bissell carpet cleaner that are actually very new to the business and may not know what they are doing. These companies do not stick around long. If a carpet cleaning company is well established they are more likely knowledgeable and professional.

Spray a couple of squirts of the cleaning solution beginning on the area rug’s top. The entire area must be moistened evenly. To allow deep cleansing, rub in circular movements the cleaning solution on the rug using the soft bristle brush you have. Brush the whole area that was sprayed. Place the rag in hot water and wring out the excess water. Wipe the rug with the rag following a straight line. The rug will gather dirt and soap which should be squeezed away frequently. If you feel the rug is not yet thoroughly clean, repeat the whole procedure again. Place the rug under sunlight so that it would dry out and the smell would go away.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to address this issue. For one, you should try to avoid having the spills from occurring in the first place. You can do this through various means, such as making the guests take their drinks from a designated position such as the dining table. However, there are many times when this may not work. In such cases, it is always a good idea to try and be prepared for such spills so that when they occur. You can easily deal with them in such a manner that they do not end up causing unsightly stains.

You should vacuum the carpet at least once a week. During the summer, the pet will shed so you must vacuum for a few times each week. If there is an accidental spillage on the carpet, you must clean up immediately with a paper towel or old rag. After removing the feces, you can use a special detergent solution to clean the surface of the carpet. You can use a solution of vinegar and water to remove the stain and bad odor. The smell of the vinegar is poisonous so you must open the window and doors to let the air flow in. If you want to fresh smell in the carpet, you can sprinkle baking soda on it. In the following morning, you can vacuum the baking soda from the carpet.

This holiday,take time to relax and enjoy your family time making memories. Your guests may never notice your home’s little imperfections. So don’t make yourselves too crazy. But it is understood that we all want our homes to look and function at their best for our guests. With a little time and some creativity, your place can be as pretty as a gingerbread house.

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