Things To Consider Before Hiring A Live Band

With an abundance of tribute bands on the market you can quite easily get overwhelmed with the choice that is available to you and you may ask yourself, “What are the best tribute bands to book?” Well, it’s all about taste, not just yours but your guests. What one person likes another may hate but you can’t please everybody, or can you?

Another tribute act which springs to mind was a Madness / Bad Manners tribute band. This was over 10 years ago in a bar in Southampton called Brannigans. It was a great night.

Doors open at 7 and Zoso is scheduled to take the stage at 9PM. Tickets are $17 and can be ordered online. The State Theatre will also have their bars and kitchen open. So you can catch a great show and enjoy your favorite beverage, munch on a snack or savor a dinner. More information on the venue can be found on their website. Come out and see one of the greatest tribute bands pay tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Last year I wrote an article called “Ultimate Christmas Playlist for Your Christmas Party.” This article has Christmas songs by various artists such as Bon Jovi, Smashing Pumpkins, Extreme, No doubt and even Alice Cooper. This year 2009 favorite Christmas music play list will include oldies, and newbie’s and in-betweens.

A lot of work I do is with the 80’s party band, the working bands and function work along with original work and recording! Word of mouth works well. You do a gig or work for one band and if you do a good job, you get recommended and the networking works well this way! It has worked well for me and is part of the music business.

This was a historic moment in the history of rock and roll, one of many in the Rock Hall’s hometown. It was the first, and last, concert the Beatles performed outdoors and it is widely credited as being the nail in the coffin of the Beatles touring days. They just didn’t think they could solve the security problems after that particular outpouring of affection.

The Beatles’ music lives on, but the Beatles’ phenomenon is long gone. ‘1964-The Tribute’ will, no doubt, faithfully render the music, without the pesky interference of rioting teens. It will also certainly present a museum-quality snapshot of the ‘Fab Four’s’ first American invasion. As for the phenomenon that made the Beatles ‘bigger than Jesus Christ,’ (to paraphrase John), I’m afraid that will remain forever in the realm of memory.

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