Tapping The Hidden Job Market Through Linkedin

It has been reported that Canada has more than regained any of the jobs lost during the recession, however, statistics are showing that in Manitoba, an unemployed individual is typically out of work for approximately 16.6 weeks before landing a new job. As a leading executive recruitment professional, I can vouch for this statistic, especially when the candidates are senior level professionals.

However, not many think to do this, but I always recommend that you watch out for the companies that have the fanciest, most lavish offices in the same buildings as companies worth 1,000x their net earnings.

After going through all of this, I began to wonder, “How could such unproductive and frustrating events possibly take place in the MLM industry, where the success of one’s downlines directly effects one’s own commissions?” It just makes no sense.

Dress professionally and clean yourself up! If a company is doing a Restaurant restaurant management recruiters, then the first thing that they will look at is your image. It doesn’t matter what your business acumen is, if your customers will not eat anything that you may have touched. Get a haircut, take a shower and wear business casual dress. That would be nice shoes or loafers, khaki pants and a golf shirt, at a minimum. The only caveat is to dress appropriately for the restaurant that you want to work for. If you are looking for a five star employer then you may want to dress up even nicer.

So how do you tap into this market? The answer of course is networking, but most people do not really know what that means. Networking is more than just asking your friends and colleagues, “Do you know anyone who is hiring?”, and in this digital age, networking has become much easier and more effective. Here are some important steps for you to take.

Making appearances are the popular Gwen Gioia from The Bachelor season 2 and the premiere season of the Bachelor Pad, Gia Allemand from Bachelor season 14 and the Bachelor Pad, Reid Rosenthal from Bachelorette season 5, and Craig Robinson from Bachelorette season 6. At least three of them, Gioia, Robinson, and Rosenthal have long-standing connections to this area.

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