Seven Strategies For Successful Blogging

You may have a website that is incredibly lame like a lot of electricians that come my way. Maybe it’s something that you built in GoDaddy or somewhere for free or maybe it’s something that someone built for you a while ago or a brother in law, a cousin.

AdSense earnings are another way to earn real good money through the Internet. All you need to know is the basics in computers and the basics of building a website using WordPress. After that, everything is a cakewalk. You might be wondering how it works.

The affiliate program is one of the major business developments of the virtual world. Partnerships of this sort in the brick n’ mortar world used to take months of negotiations and preparation of written terms. Not on the web. Just about anyone can go sign up for any old affiliate program. I can start a WordPress blog in five minutes and hookup with Overstock, Amazon or some huge company. That makes for a level playing field.

Blog or Need I Say Website – WordPress baserad sida blogs are far more than what blogs were years or even months ago. Today they can be complete websites with all of the functionality previously only available with HTML type programming. It’s even possible to create a membership site including all of the sophisticated features just using a blog. Kind of cool….

Optimize WordPress blogs each blog post for a low competition long tail keyword phrase before you make a blog post take some time to do a little keyword research. Visit the Google AdWords Keyword tool and use this to find a long tail keyword phrase that has a low amount of competition. Ideally this phrase will have just a few hundred monthly searches rather than a few thousand monthly searches. Use a different keyword phrase for every blog post that you make and put the keyword phrase in the blog post title and 2-3 times throughout the post.

You will be glad to learn that (thanks to all of the recent WordPress upgrades) the plug-in is easy to install. It only takes a minute or two to install it and get it to work.

So, I called M back within 20 minutes of the original call, got his voicemail and left a message indicating I’d like to meet. No reply. A few hours later, I emailed an article to him, thinking he might find it of interest, and thanked him for contacting me. No reply.

If you are thinking of photo editing at a professional level, the iPad is certainly not going to be of any help, at least, not in its present form. Having a touch screen interface, the iPad does have the potential to offer advanced photo editing options but that will take some time to happen.

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