Running Customer Satisfaction Surveys Is Not Rocket Science

Eventually, I went to a temporary agency; they sent me to the Japanese Auto Manufacturer, and after one week’s assigment, the Japanese Auto Manufacturer wanted to hire me as a full-time employee. So…. when they’re trying to hire me, lots of promises are made. The future of the Japanese Auto Manufacturer was to be bright and I would be a star. But the one thing they said that got my attention is that my health insurance would start the same day my employment began.

If the preferred moving dates are not able to be booked, consider a personally procured move (aka do-it-yourself move). A personally procured move can help avoid loss as well as provide flexibility with moving dates. Active duty service personnel can be reimbursed for a personally procured move.

The current trend in site design is towards a simpler layout. Home pages are more graphical and less text oriented. Don’t overwhelm your customers with TMI (too much information). A streamlined, simple monochromatic colour scheme, with possibly an accent color is ideal. Photos or images are kept to a minimum.

A study has shown that it takes 16 times the effort to get a new customer as it does to sell to an existing one. So treasure them all and treat them like a $1m customer.

So how to you get customer testimonials? Pick up the phone and call your customers! Provide an after-sale Make certain you have a note attached to the survey saying their comments may be used in your advertising and your website. Ask what they thought of your product or service. Inquire what they liked about it and how it was helpful for them.

“What did you like? What didn’t you like? What would you like? What do we do that you wish we didn’t? What would you like us to change? What did you appreciate the most? What should we provide that is missing? Did anyone or anything let you down? How can we serve you even better?

Some people try to use SEO tricks to hide negative reviews! That’s not gonna work in a million years! But offering exceptional services to your customers will! You can take my word for it!

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