How To Create Your Wedding Gift List

Having a gift card holder at your wedding reception is vital. Without one, you can be stuck carrying and keeping track of cards throughout your reception, or worst, you could risk losing your wedding gifts.

The number one souvenir to give for anyone is cold, hard, cash. While many of us have been trained that cash is not a good gift, this rule does not apply to weddings. In fact, many couples ask only for cash gifts. If you are married, you know how difficult it can be starting a new family and a little extra money goes a long way toward getting into a comfortable position. If you want to give cash to your coworker for their wedding, it should not be less than $100. It doesn’t have to be more, but you must judge who that person is to you, their lifestyle, and what you can afford. If you work together as store clerks $100 is fine. If you are high-powered entertainment attorneys, pulling in upper six-figures or even seven, then you should, of course, go higher.

Lookout for those special novelty golf balls meant to provide therapy or to show one’s mood. What would you like to do to the novelty golf balls that come with “mother-in-law” or “boss” written over them. What a way to vent ones feelings by swinging away to satisfaction! You can never have enough of those swings, can you?!

For example, when you share a pumpkin pie recipe on your blog which requires freshly grated nutmeg, link thorough to the nutmeg grater product page on your site.

With a wedding register, you are essentially ensuring that your gifts will be the things that your new house as a couple shall need after the wedding. At the very least, you will have that small kitchen appliance, say, a blender or a tabletop oven or a vacuum cleaner, necessary to furnish your bare apartment. Besides, your budget may have been adversely affected by the costs of the wedding accessories.

But graciousness and gratitude are two virtues that may be hard to summon when the big and heavy gift was lugged or delivered to the reception venue, which just so happens to be a few – or a thousand – miles away from home. You will then have to deal with the hassles, effort and even money of transporting these gifts to your home.

Give a honeymoon photo album – this could be made out of wood, with a special message like something like “Our Special Honeymoon” engraved on the cover would be a great way to capture memories too!

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