Halloween Fun In Las Vegas

Many people like dressing up with a vintage look. Some folks like actual vintage clothing, for example a friend of mine who owns and wears suits from the 1920s and on. Many more wear costumes or replicas of earlier or vintage dress. In any case, there are some classic styles from the past that are great for Halloween, costume parties, or just because you love some of these classy styles. Here are some of the most popular.

Do we feel that by worshipping God as Mother we will be honoring some lesser aspect of God, and not God True? Nonsense; God Is. If God is All, then God is Masculine, Feminine, Anthropomorphic, Pure Energy, Big Bang, and so on. God is All. We can see Her in any way that helps us find a channel. The notion of God as White Male Bearded Judge Disciplinarian has caused many worshipers to cringe – it has left God on a separate, inaccessible plain. I want to relate fully to God, I need to have my heart torn open and let God pour in, and then share that with the world. I’m done conquering – I want to love the world!

Cooney: Yes I watch every Invicta card! I love the organization and I love watching women in my weight class! Watching Rousey, Tate, and Carmouche is great, but watching girls in my weight class and eventually (105) is just cool on a whole other level! It’s always a good time!!

You may find it fun to make up Halloween goody bags for your co-workers. Most grocery stores carry an assortment of decorated small bags to hold treats, so select the ones you like best. Then, buy an assortment of candy. If you like, you can throw in a silly gift like fake vampire teeth or big, red wax lips. Have fun delivering the bags in person. Or place them in the office mailboxes as a great way to brighten your co-workers’ day.

Then…you guess it…house lights up! And one more small intermission. I still haven’t figured out the purpose of this (not like they had major Harry Potter shirts changes, because the next act all dancers were wearing the flesh-colored thongs). This time they two girls joined the four male dancers–and they were topless. Again, didn’t see the point. Not a prude, but I don’t think it enhanced the show in any way. They did about a 20 minute segment with some interesting choreography–some a bit on the suggestive side–and a lot demonstrating their strength and agility–but occasionally I felt sorry for the girls whose breasts were really bouncing hard at some points–it was like watching something tribal. Maybe that was the point?

Now, that you’ve found your dress or tux, it’s time to add some flair to your outfit. Some choose to add simple jewelry or cuff links to accessorize their outfits, but it’s Mardi Gras, so why not have some fun with your accessories? Of course, one of the most famous Mardi Gras accessories are beads. Since beads are available in all colors and styles, you can match your beads to the theme of the ball you are attending.

In the reading material section, I find a biography on Frank Sinatra for a dollar and a plain notebook for fifty cents – gram will like those. I’m closing in! I buy a package of walnuts, then cashews and finally pistachio’s. When I get home, I will make “small gift bags” for each recipient by using the Sunday comics and a plastic baggie with a red ribbon and split it all up.

Simple black eyeliner can be used under the eyes, as well as to create the beard and mustache. It looks just as good, and actually better on kids, than using a fake hair product for the face. Fake pirate earrings can be purchased in any Halloween makeup aisle.

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