Discover Top Tips To Explode Your Opt In Email List – Part 1

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If you supply a “subscribe for more information” box on your pre-launch page, then people who want to get more information or be notified when the product actually launches are added to your Buy B2B email marketing lists. This is great for keeping them up to date about coming changes and improvements in your product up to launch date.

If you don’t find the email address you are looking for in an online email database then it’s time to get your thinking cap on and do some real Internet sleuthing to find it.

There are literally thousands of domains and email providers on the Internet and the addresses that you are looking for could be almost any combination of letters and other characters. There is absolutely no way that any kind of compulsory registration to a central register of email addresses could ever have worked. At least if there were such a thing then email would be a lot different to what we know it as today. This is why specialist web sites have been collecting email list addresses from anywhere that they can get them for years.

You can also contact consumer protection organizations like Better Business Bureau, but I found that they are often more interested in protecting businesses who pay them an annual fee, than really looking after consumers’ best interest.

Not being involved No one knows your company better than you do. While there are some great article writers out there, it is a good idea for you to write your own blog post, or submit enough information for someone to write one that will be engaging. You will not get as good of results if you do not assist in the process.

Some tactics will work better than others depending on your industry and target demographics. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a mind-reader to figure out which work best. Simply write up a few different versions of your message, taking a different approach to inducing action in each version.

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