Dental Marketing Seminars: The Importance Of Speed In The Dental Marketing Niche

So, what’s any of Paris’ shenanigans got to do with your dental marketing? And how in the world can she help YOU grow the profits in your dental practice?

Dentists, it’s time to cancel your expensive yellow pages advertising, fire your postcard printing and mass mailing company, replicated website guy, and cheap suit dental practice consultant. Are you listening? You need to be the king of Google on the organic side – not the paid side in your town, and be highly ranked in the ten or twenty surrounding towns by building a content-based original website, that is between 30-50 pages in length. Once you have that completed, you’ll never EVER need to hire a dental marketing agency company again.

It engages the senses and creates emotion. Viewers can hear and see who you are and what you are all about. This is difficult to accomplish with the written word on a website.

5) Position yourself in the mind of your community as a specialist. Being in a niche is easier to promote and sell that a “do-it-all” general dentist. and, once your patients get in and see that you do more than say just cosmetics, then you can obviously offer those services to them. BUT, defining a niche and working hard to fill it is an advisable route to go.

Post garbage information on website/send out garbage information in the mail – You want to make sure all your content is useful. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about dentistry, but it does need to be useful.

Track the effectiveness of your postcard mailings. How many people responded to your mailing? What dollar amount of treatment plans resulted from those responses?

No bride wants their teeth to be any less white than their wedding gown on this special day. It’s not something that is in the forefront of their minds, but it can be with some simple marketing.

.if you discover your dental marketing promotion bombed, then make a few slight adjustments. based on this 4-step “checklist”. and you’ll be on your way to turning things around.

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