Building Or Buying A House? Then Read This!

Electrical repairs can start in one appliance or outlet and travel throughout the home. The problem can be a small one or one that involves the main lines connecting your home to the electric grid outdoors. There is one thing that remains the same no matter what is going on. You need a licensed, experienced professional to handle these concerns for you. Anyone else, including yourself, could put your home at risk for fire because of making even a small mistake. It is best just to hire a pro to do the work.

You can do all of the moving and placing and planning you want, but without a good foundation to place your outbuilding on, it’s just not going to work. A good solid and level foundation is critical to proper outbuilding placement.

Another important issue is related to building permits. Be sure to check with the office of your suffolk county building codes. Most jurisdictions and municipalities require building permits for structures over 100 square feet.

Contact the licensing department of your state home building departments. You want to ensure that your builder is licensed to build homes in your area. You should also verify that your contractor is bonded and insured. By talking with the state licensing department, you can also find out if there are any complaints against the company.

Let’s suppose we’re using a 4 x 4 of an eight foot length. That means you’ve got to dig a hole two feet deep. You can rent a hole-digger if you’ve got lots of holes to dig or buy one of the manual ones to dig just a few. It’s important to go down at least two feet, leaving six feet sticking out of the ground. Six feet of above ground elevation is a standard set by many town building codes for fences in suburban areas.

34. Check the leases: is there any strange language in the leases? Are they month to month. Are there long term leases that will make it difficult to raise rents or submeter water?

Building the roof is the most challenging part. You can build a ridge beam and attach the joists to it or buy pre-constructed trusses. The roof should be accurate in measurement. If you are not a skilled craftsman, then it is better to purchase pre-constructed trusses. After the trusses have been fastened, attach the sheathing followed by the roofing felt and lastly attach the shingles. Lastly fix the doors and windows. You can also attach siding to the shed to make it waterproof.

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