5 Important On Page Seo Factors

When I applied for a job in an SEO company here in the Philippines, all I have was my resume. I did not even research something about the company, about SEO, the job description, and stuff like that. So, I entered the office, passed my resume and the immediately gave me a written exam. I scanned through the pages. Surprisingly, the test was a mix of English grammar, reading and comprehension, and IQ. What I didn’t realize was at the very last page there was a set of questions about the internet. I know how to use the internet. But what do I know about the meaning of URL, hyperlinks, and all that. So, I just chose the best answer which I thought was right.

Is Traffic = Conversions? The answer is NO. There are various ways to get targeted traffic to your website, but to convert a visitor to a customer requires innovative design, content, services, products, rates, service and business sense. Did I just forget to put in SEO in the list?

However, going with one seo in bangkok primarily on that basis, when your gut is telling you that another SEO is much more able to accomplish your goasl, is the 1st indication that you’re setting your business up for a bad fall.

Hiring a SEO expert is expensive? YES they are expensive, but not as much as the “Losses” you are making right now because your competitors are stealing your business.

For example, by typing “SEO consultants” or “SEO web designers” and similar phrases into a search engine, and see what people online have to say. This will give you a chance to see if the vendor achieved rankings for themselves.

OK they looks good but there is a problem. You will end up with a website that nobody ever finds. Why? Because if your content was presented in Flash, most search engines wouldn’t be able to index your content. Hence, you will not rank well in search engines and there will be considerably less traffic heading to your site.

Professional seo services can really boost your website’s chances of making it big online. Yes, the competition increases on a daily basis, but if your site has quality content and is seo-friendly, then you have nothing to worry about.

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