San Diego Hair Transplant – Being Smart About Hair Restoration

Many things wane off very soon. Hair is something that most of do not take care like good health and youth, which we feel sorry for only when lost. It is the persistent quest of human being to have something they had previously. The procedure is similar to facial care and age hormones and quite essential for people with baldness.

The hair grows on a cycle of starts and stops. It grows rapidly in a period of three years then stops. Also it rests for about 90 days and falls out after that as it meet its end. Not to worry though because a new hair normally grows from the same area again.

Going the natural is often an option for those who don’t like medications are chemical treatments. Certain vitamins can be taken to help slow or prevent hair loss. Some vitamins that would be of benefit would be B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin A and Biotin. These vitamins are necessary to keep your hair strong and will promote hair loss. Taking vitamins is not a quick fix, but will show benefits if taken daily over a period of time.

Let us say that you have thought it over, slept on it and turned it over and over again and decided that yes, permanent Hair Transplant is the way for you to go. Now you have the problem that you can not decide which method to choose. There are a lot of factors to consider: your comfort zone and threshold, your budget, what is available and best for your condition. It is an excellent idea to talk to a surgeon, and if you are up to it, compare surgeons and services even. Permanent Hair Restoration is no light subject; after all, it will shape and redefine not only your hairline but also the way you will see yourself in the mirror everyday.

There are many causes that lead to hair loss. The reasons differ in men and women. Well, if you are worried about loosing you hair then relax as studies show that losing up to 100 to 150 hair per day is normal. So if you are loosing this amount of hair, then relax and divert your mind away from it. Human hair naturally grows in three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen is the active or growing phase. Catagen is a fairly short phase of the natural hair cycle during which hairs begin to break down. Telogen is the resting phase.

Topical treatments are also another way for you to cure loss of hair. Go see your doctor so that you will know which ointment is best to use for your particular hair condition. Always read instructions of any medicine you are using so that you know if any precautions have to be taken. If you want the product to be effective, make sure to follow the exact instructions. These ointments normally come in liquid or foam and has to be applied to your scalp two times everyday.

To keep your hair follicles healthy, you can get oral supplements which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Before going for the transplant, you should first consult a doctor and ask them whether a transplant is the right way to get your hair back. Thankfully, there are many good doctors who can give you a genuine advice.

Also the grafts made in the skin would be too big resulting in one big tuft of hair on the head. Now-a-days, however, the skin grafts are very small consisting of almost one follicle in each graft. Due to this, hair is distributed evenly on the head. This is known as follicular unit grafting.

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