How Do I Use Social Media As A Writer?

Obviously by now you have seen thousands of business owners jump online and they are using social media to enhance their online presence. Social acceptance is a priority. I remember about a year ago when I saw already popular companies such as a Walgreens or WalMart tell you to visit their website on Facebook. I thought wow, they are telling people to not come to their website; but instead to come to their Facebook site to see them.

Put your link everywhere: The biggest mistake many companies is the lack of publicity for their social networking pages! Most of the major sites, applications can call into your web page to people, their social networking pages offer directly. Since it is relatively new, people will likely not actively searching Facebook and Twitter for your business. If you are placed in front of them tend to follow.

How do you know that the creator of the training program is indeed an expert? Ideally, the person is someone who you’ve followed for a while, devoured his/her free content and have a good feel for this person’s character and devotion to teaching. But sometimes that’s not possible. In these cases, there are other ways to find out if the person behind the Network Marketing Training Program is an expert or a poser.

A great place to find followers is on the “Suggested Users” tab. This is located under the “Find People” tab in the upper right hand corner of the Twitter screen.When you open the ‘Suggested Users’ tab, there will be a list of people to follow. You can choose one or all of them — or none! Remember, you can always un-follow someone later if you are no longer interested in their tweets.

Essential Widgets – Once you’ve mastered the design, the content, and the optimization, now it’s time to add to the functionality. Your side bar is like a mix between interaction zone with the readers, information on what’s most interesting, what new, the archives etc, and get in touch tool. Lots of widgets to choose from so choose well – your readers don’t have millions of minutes to loot at each one of them should you get each on your blog. So, choose 10 – but choose wisely…only those that will help you in your business.

buy twitter followers instantly are just like MySpace friends, or Facebook friends. These are the people that will read your Tweets. For those of you that are using, or are going to use Twitter for marketing purposes, you will need a completely automated Twitter growth system if you want to set a system up once and forget about it.

Twitter has becoming popular social networking site since its founding in 2006. Recent statistics shows that twitter users are approximately 75 million. This is the huge number and many entrepreneurs think that twitter is the ideal place for promoting their business but the problem is how to advertise their products to targeted customers. The whole point of advertising on twitter is to pass your message to targeted customers and this can be achieved if you have a reasonable number of followers, otherwise who will see your tweets. So what you should do from the beginning is to constantly build a list of followers, the more followers you get the more exposure for your business.

Now to the first cool social media marketing tactic; add friends and the best way to do this is to write a cool introduction about yourself and your business and literally do 50 a day. Send these 50 people this message about yourself and your company and wait on the reply. They will either friend you or not. Over a 30 day period, you will see a cluster of new fans or friends and you will notice they will refer friends. I know you’re saying this is gritty work; sure it is, but it is better to do this first and then move to automation such as buying software to do this for you. When you grow your Facebook friends to a good level, you can mildly back off of this. Part two of the first cool thing is to do the same thing with Twitter followers.

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